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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation in Sanibel Island, Ft. Meyers

Have you considered a real environmental vacation, collecting seashells off of Ft. Meyers Florida, and going to Sanibel Island, and also Cayo Costa Island and others. Some shells are seen only once in 30 years by veteran shell collectors, like the Scotch Bonnet, and Genonia Shells. The Red Baby Mangroves grow by the beach and soon will be able to shelter the islands. These are barrier islands on the Gulf Coast of Florida, near Ft. Meyers. The best part of shelling in this area is that you can totally lose yourself and be preoccupied for hours by the environment. Other shells seen are the flat scallop shell, check it out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Peace and Love

I wish all my readers Earth Day peace and love.  Have your one-child family, or better yet, no child.  The earth day crowd says peace and love, but don't they think that the Earth hates to have more human beings?  From a philosophical standpoint, it is back to the oligarchy again.  The super rich will always have stuff, while the poor humans will suffer due to environmental taxes.  Organic food is supposed to be better for you, but does it taste better?  It certainly is more expensive.  I guess I have a lot of sour organic grapes.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greenies Need a Webhost

Greenies need a web site hosting site along with everyone else who wants to get their propaganda out there to the web surfing public. Check out green webhosting and eco-friendly web hosting on this site. If you go to http://webhostinggeeks.com you will find unbelievably low web hosting plans. To give you an example, for a more $8.95 a month you get unlimited space and unlimited traffic. You get a free web domain, choice of data centers and tech support. This is actually from the provider InMotion.

The great thing about the http://webhostinggeeks.com site, is you get to compare the rates of different web services. You have the links right there in front of you to check out 10 different web service. Get your propaganda site out there now. Teach the roving and cruising multitudes on the web about the joys of the green goddess Gaia, and how we can all worship Mother Earth, by reducing our consumption and simplyfying our lifestyle. Don't forget to check out the customer reviews of the various website hosting services. For example, Rod says that he had trouble with the chat service feature of the InMotion service. It may be a minor thing, but if you like to chat with customer service, it could be very important.

You can also learn a lot here. Check out the post about SEO and Your Website Design. There is a lot for the average webmaster to learn about SEO- Search Engine Optimization, and this goes way beyond selecting the right key words. Make sure that your Flash code and HTML code is good, otherwise that only is a reason why the search engines will ignore you. Think about your marketing strategy because the web is very competitive.

So there is a lot to learn on this http://webhostinggeeks.com site.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Betsey the Cow and... You!

It is official now, you produce pollutants, along with Betsey the cow.  With the new EPA ruling, Carbon Dioxide and Methane are now to be considered pollutants.  Both of these substances are admitted by you and Betsey.  Carbon dioxide is in extra breathe that you exhale, since your body converts Oxygen and food containing carbon into Carbon Dioxide.  Methane is just good old farts, produced by Betsey in abundance and also by human beings.  Have you ever tried the trick of putting a match to loud gas coming out of your rear end.  It burns! 

How do we solve this "pollution problem"?  How about a little "genocide baby"?

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take a Good Look at Air Conditioning

Take a good look at today's air conditioning, including products for the UK. There are a lot more air conditioning options that are friendly to the green cause and the environment. Take a look at portable air conditioning system that can be literally wheeled around the house. Keep the rooms cool only if you are using them.

Another good system to look at is a Evaporative Air Coolers that are very environmentally safe. Their average running costs are lower than conventional window put in air conditioning units and they use less electricity. This is natural cooling at its best, that uses water as the refrigerant.

You may also be interested in installing some solar panels that convert sunlight into energy for your hot water supply. These have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems which store hot water. Using such a system, the majority of your hot water requirements can be met, and once this system is installed, it is free except for maintenance costs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Germany says GM Foods Dangerous- Is It

Germany is banning the growing of GM Mon 810 corn and says it is dangerous to the environment.  There does not seem any proof that this food is dangerous to the enviroment.  The article about this in Der Spiegel doesn't say why either.  Is this just a question of environmental "Gaia" or Mother Earth religious belief?

You can say that Monsanto is an obnoxious company.  You can say that the idea of putting a patent on food is wrong.  But I have not seen any proof or even argument why GM food is dangerous to the environment.

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Picture Your World on a new TV

Time to picture your world with a new Discount Television. It's not really wasteful to have a big flat screen TV, because then you can stay in the house and be amused, and save all the energy of driving and running around. Get that big flat screened TV that you always wanted, for example the:
Sony BRAVIA® 52" KDL-52XBR7 XBR® LCD Flat Panel HDTV at only $1,899.00 or the Sony BRAVIA® 46" KDL-46XBR8 XBR® LCD Flat Panel HDTV at $2,299.00. Check out the Pioneer PRO-111FD 50" Class (49.8'' Diagonal) High-Definition 1080p Elite® KURO™ Flat Panel HDTV at only $2,000. I think you get the message, here at http://onlenstore.com/ you can get some really great low prices. And they don't only sell flat screen big TVs there, check out this Online Store For Best Price for Digital Camerass, Camcorder and more, with Top Brands. Like, do you want a Pioneer, a Panasonic, Sony, Sharp or a Samsung model? Get in with the action.

Lots of Green and Enviromental Activity in the Bronx

There is a lot of Green and Environmental activity in the Bronx. Tonight, Thursday, April 16th there is an event called "Green Drinks" that usually occurs at a bar in the South Bronx, but tonight will be at Hostos College's art gallery at East 149th St and Grand Concourse, at after 6 pm. This really seems to be a good deal. Another place to stop by is the Resource Builders Warehouse, at 461 Timpson Place, near Southern Blvd and East 149th St. You can get cheap building supplies, and help reduce waste by recycling discarded building materials that is still fine, good and usable.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get Your Compression Connector on

You who are computer and cable savvy may need a compression connector. At http://www.compressionconnector.com there is a great site for getting exactly the compression connector that you need. For example, if you need an RG11 Compression Connector you can buy a few different products. There's the FS11V for only $2.67 and the FS11BNC for the price of $3.87. If you want to shop for compressor connectors by type, you can sort it out by either "F", BNC or RCA.

You have to go to the site and sort out what it is you need in your satellite TV, or cable TV set up. This is a really great field to learn about and find out what is going on. You might have a stationary fta system with a NA receiver,36" dish. Then you get the install kit with it. You may have some questions, but with a bit of effort you find out what is the compressor connector that you need. Then you can enjoy the stations you get from your Satellite TV

Green the World- Schools Go Paperless

First the law firms started to go paperless, and now the schools are going paperless too.  That's green action at the roots. Schools can stop sending out paper hand outs, and instead send many materials to email online both to the parents and to the students.  That way an average school can save $2000 in paper costs.  Of course they may have other expenses like having the computers at school and at home on all of the time.  Oh well, on to energy efficient laptops and netbooks.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Environment and Feng Shui

You can learn a lot from feng shui ebooks. There's more to the environment than just solving problems of pollution and industrialization. Go to the www.fenshui-doctrine.com site and learn more by getting one of their eBooks. Check out "Interior Feng Shui." Interior Feng Shui contains knowledge how to balance energies in your home, location or anywhere in the world. The differences in every room can be studied to fully benefit from the doctrines and principles of Feng Shui. It may seem hard to believe, but you can learn about this ancient Chinese discipline and plot and learn about the feng shui energies in your own home. You can create your own good luck in life as you learn the feng shui of your home and are able to map out and exploit these energies.

Also read: The Treasury Feng Shui Secrets of Success and Riches. You can learn about the five key forces in the environment and all around you, that are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Don't Cry for Me Global Warming

Don't cry for me global warming.  It was fun having your activism and your cute demonstrations.  Now it seems that you are gone for good, or at least for the next century or so.  A continued low in solar activity and a disappearance of sunspots is to blame, for already ushering us into a cool phase.  It doesn't have to be a new Ice Age, but it could be.  The sunspot activity has not returned after 11 years.  This is very serious, though I hear the polar bears are celebrating.  No thanks to Al Gore.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Global Warming Arctic

Have you tried the recipe for Global Warming Arctic fudge?  It goes like this.  Your sponsors are desperate to prove that Global warming exists and is total truth.  They have this theory that the Northern Arctic icecap is melting in 5-10 years, only since 2007 everything has begun to refreeze.  So you calibrate your figures to before the melt, and say it is horrible because it still hasn't "totally refroze."  This is beginning to sound like the bailout of the bankrupt financial system.  It is more computer games, but give me some truth on this.

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