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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peace and being Green

pix from http://astore.amazon.com/mygr04-20/detail/B001CWZDBG

Yes, peace or peace out, as in the tshirt above should be an integral part of the green movement. Sadly, to say, it is not. With people like Prince Phillip and the late Prince Bernhard at the top of the World Woofie Fund and so on, it would be hard to be called a peace movement. Even, the Greenpeace organization has been censured for its mindless no nukes policy on energy, and its semi-violent and aggressive tactics. Yet peace should always be a goal, especially as part of the bankruptcy of the bankrupt monetary system, and as Larouche has said, for a New Bretton Woods agreement.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is Organic Food Green?

I don't think that "Organic Food" is really green. I mean it is more wasteful than regular food. It is not really very good. Still a lot of people are blogging about the Organic Valley coop. The company originally consisted of seven farms selling produce. Today it is made of 1,183 farmer-owners and is one of the largest producers and distributors of organic produce, meat and dairy. Does that mean that it is good? I have my doubts. Less fertilizer and pesticide use generally means lower yields. That means less food for people to eat and possible starvation.

On the other hand, it is said that local farmers like to grow for Organic Valley. They have to go through a long process to ensure their fields are certified organic. Sustainable farming has become the norm, in the Organic Valley region of Wisconsin. So some people get into the healthy, natural and organic food trip.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Al Gore and Global Warming

See picture at http://t-shirts.cafepress.com/item/al-gore-inconvenient-womens-tshirt/68999377. Note that some of the cafe press tshirt sites are cleverly done. Note that this site has both pro and anti- concern about global warming, green and anti-green tshirts.

Global Warming is a controversial thing and quite debatable. Not everyone believes it. So get me your data and tell me like it is. If Global Warming is true, why haven't we all been scorched and sauteed yet?

Actually things are pretty quiet on the global warming front. Al Gore is hiding out, or is he resurfacing?

Rumors continue of Al Gore's resurfacing, and of his plan of 100-percent non-fossil fuel electricity.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green Pictures for your Blog

What if you want to blog about disappearing glaciers? Or about those icebergs that calve off of the big glaciers? It's great to have the right blog pictures to make a point of your blog like you want to do. Like why have a half-baked picture like of a national park, when look above, there is gorgeous Zion National Park. It is a picture that is truly beautiful.
Look at the yellow flowers, the light suggestion of a fence suggesting a restricted area and the grey mountains in the background. Are the mountains even snow-capped? It is certainly possible.

For example, I tried looking at http://acobox.com/category/image-galleries/landscapes which is the selection of landscape pictures. There is the icebergs down to the sea. There is sandstone and there is a tower in the desert. Most of the pictures seem to be from scenic sites all over the United States. Remember, this is the landscape portion of the site. However, other pictures could be from virtually anyplace in the world. People can join the site as either bloggers or as photographers. I just joined as a blogger and saw how many gorgeous pictures are available free to the public, just for taking the trouble of registering with acobox.com and that is all.

I have not taken the time to research this site thoroughly, but I will do that in the next few days when I have more free time. In any case, already I can see that any committed nature lover or environmentalist or one interested in global warming would have a lot of fun with the pictures on this site. Spice up your blog with very little effort.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green Batteries and Business

Solid state computers coming soon, whoopie. This means more storage capacity and less or no fans to waste all that nasty energy.

Light bulbs have been changing too, with the new florescent mini bulbs, so-called CFLs now taking over. They will soon be followed by LEDs. Some LED type lights are available in stores already as flashlights and so on.

Solar batteries may not be possible for a general electric supply, but solar back packs are already making the scene for cell phone, PDAs and electronic stuff, maybe even laptop computers. Endless sunshine is hard to get, but presumably there will also be a plug in cord when the clouds are there. Life in the information society can be fun fun fun.

Green Projects- Roosevelt not Keynes

Baby Boomer Wasteland.

We need a credit system, if the USA will be mobilized to build big projects again. LaRouche is proposing the New Bretton Woods, and will discuss it publicly on a webcast 1 pm on November 18th at Larouche Pac Tv. It is beyond the real estate bubble, it is a breakdown crisis.

Collapsing into a dark age is not good for the environment or global warming concerns. If you look at the war in the Congo, the first thing that was molested and invaded was the Rwanda Congo gorilla preserve. It was used as a main invasion route. There is no provision for the environment, under collapse.

There is the issue of carrying capacity, or the potential relative population, and our ability to grow. It can grow with more technology for energy and water desalination. We can build and grow rain forests. Be fearful but optimistic.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Green Love with Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, even in your car, is a necessity of life. Now it is getting cold in New York City, but in many parts of the country, especially Florida and Southern California, it is still pretty hot. You need an Air conditioning compressor that can really take the heat, and if you are mechanical, you can order it and install it, even in your old jalopy. Now I really wish I was an auto mechanics, but you can still order these parts from my friends, and bring them to your local favorite auto mechanic, if you are not one.

Obama the Green President

Some people say that Obama will be a green president. That is a very environmentally conscious President. I don't know if that will be true. With the economic collapse hitting, people will freak out when they are asked to get rid of their coal and electricity. Who can blame them? We live in a modern civilization, where environmental stuff will just have to go along and get along with our increasing living standards. A bit of nuclear power plants may help, ironically enough, to keep the green surge real for Mr. Obama.

Fresh Funds Rewards

Check out freshfunds, it's a lot like eBay. You bid on healthy items and you help good greenie environmental causes. There is an auction right now for some interesting items. An exercise machine, an "Elliptical Escape and Unwind" is on bid at the moment, for a bid of $40. The checks are issued to Cancer funds, and so forth, from Chiquita and Fresh Express.

And then there is the matter of The Sproutwells. The Sproutwells are your average veggie family, that spends a bit too much time vegging out in front of the computer. The girl is getting off on playing the games and getting prizes from Fresh Funds.com. All sorts of wonderful prizes are being offered, pretty soon a Mac Note Book is coming your way. The Mac Book Air is coming back on November 3rd. So lettuce have a healthy time, and learn all about the environment. How does it work? You buy specially marked Chiquita and Fresh Express and you collect points. You collect the points and then you bid on auctions or make donations to worthy organizations, and you can win valuable, in some cases, very valuable prizes. Or, for every 100 points that you collect, a $1 will be donated to your favorite charity listed, up to a total of $5,000. For more information, see fresh funds.com terms and conditions.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Greenie Fair Trade Debate

Does the greenie-tinged Global Warming concerned, Fair Trade movement mean a better life for the people that produce for it? It may and therefore it should be looked into. Can it be possible to actually certify that artisans and farmers are making a decent living in their production of chocolate, coffee and toys and artifacts? I don't know, a cup of coffee looks just like another cup of coffee. But before we put it down too much let's take a look-see at some of the websites concerned.

olidays are quickly approaching and it's time to ask yourself: what kind of impact do you want your consumer dollars to make this shopping season?

Your buck's best bet is buying products made by Fair Trade artisans. Fair trade is a worldwide movement that connects the producer with merchants that are willing to pay a fair price for their products. Fair trade products do not use underpaid labor such as children, sweat shops or other exploitative labor practices. Fair Trade increases the quality of life for the person who makes us such wonderful gifts to give our family and friends.

All my favorite little friends will be receiving Fair Trade toys this year. The toys sold on Green-living.com are handmade out of eco-friendly materials and dyes. Each product is unique in color scheme and individuality, giving each toy its own personality for personal playtime that can't be matched. Also, there won't be a recall on the Elephant Marionette for toxic paint.

By giving Fair Trade gifts, we are building the global community. Our consumer dollar is an investment! Don't forget to pack the stockings with Fair Trade coffee and other products (like chocolate) on the Global Exchange online store.
http://www.green-living.com/ is a very pretty web site. They offer: a Serenity natural mattress for ONLY! $1,650. I would hate to get bed bugs in that thing. Or try no-VOC latex paint, by American Pride for $35.99 a gallon. Also take a look at Global Exchange store online. Above, red sardine bowl from Global Exchange.

Global Warming T-Shirts

Global Warming t-shirts can be fun, and of course they can have double meanings as well. For example a guy could where this t-shirt. It could mean that he is complaining about the threat to the environment of global warming. Or perhaps, he is single and looking at a girl and thinking "it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes."

Global warming and heat do have a sexual connotation. Man by his economic activity, burning fossil fuel is send to be "getting the earth hot." But how does the earth then, "get off?"

funny t shirts

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Green Footprint

Take paradise, and be a greenie geek;
Even if you get a pay cut of 1,000 a week;
Don't it always seem to go;
The struggle is just another back throw;
You want paradise, get a giant hard pay cut.

(spoof song, Yellow Taxi , Joni Mitchell)

Being a greenie is not easy, even with global warming, Al Gore and environmentalism getting top media billing. Soon, you will stop staring at your big computer, and get a nice little lap top (yes they do use less energy). Stop watching TV and listen to the radio. Even houses can have more energy efficient shapes, like the A- frame shape and the dome shape. How futuristic.

Giving up long commutes may mean moving to a city with good buses or a real subway system, and working a grubby job in the city. Lots of artists in NY City are greenies. They love to recycle the abandoned factory warehouses. They have been so successful elsewhere, that now the last frontier is the SOUTH SOUTH BRONX !!!

By the way, young greenie artists, have you considered getting sterilized. You may opt out of reproduction, to help the great Mother Earth.

Olive Oil for your Green Green Daydream

Picture: Patti Smith: Dancing Barefoot.

There is something very green and environmental about olive oil. I mean after you go to a restaurant and eat greasy food, at home you want to be a good boy or girl. Being in with Gaia, our earth mother, is more than just recycling and using green energy. Eating green, fresh food is very important for a green, environmental lifestyle. Olive oil is tasty, and sort of greenish. Even black olives have a green pulp inside. It's good for your heart. Now I know, if you live long, that might not be what Gaia the great goddess intends, but still, it is nice to live long and see the green changes and global warming debate of the planet. Will the planet decide to go for global warming, or to "chill out"

Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed olive oil in its most natural and delicious state. Think of the vestal virgin priestess at the ancient Greek temple of Gaia, our most loved goddess. And get to lower your HDL bad cholesterol.

Feel sweet Gaia, come on rough;
Makes me feel good,
Makes a greenie so tough;
(spoof song, Patti Smith, Dancing Barefoot)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheap and environmentally sound printing

It's nice to print little things on your home inkjet printer, but big jobs are a real drag. Plus, it is inefficient for everyone to run a little laser printer all over the place. It is actually much better the have your own away from home print shop at VistaPrint. So give a click to the sponsor, and find out, that with a small membership fee, you can join Vista print and get free shipping on orders of over $150. Get business cards done, holiday cards, marketing materials, all sorts of stuff. It's a really good greenie deal, and good for the environment in many ways.

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I Love the Trees

I love the trees. I love the environment. I don't know if I love global warming, But I love the feeling of climate change as a natural process. We have to respect the environment, as part of what Vernadsky called the Noosphere. Human beings can change the environment. We can green the deserts and create forests. This is where we get to what I call the Environmentalist Paradox.

To actually do things in the environment, to change the environment takes a lot of energy. We have to use nuclear energy and fusion power , not developed yet to do this. This may seem scary to a lot of people, but some environmentalists, like Patrick Moore, former leader of Greenpeace, realize that this is the truth. More on Patrick Moore, later.