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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Sharing, Caring with Green Transportation?

Greenies have lots of fantasies, like going Amish and riding around in a horse and buggy. That is really not very efficient, and you can't go very far or fast that way, not to mention a lot of horse manure all over the place. Another one is the reusable bike thing, and reusable car thing. I don't know, does this really solve anything. I am looking at this post of My Green Click, and to tell you the truth I am not terribly impressed. Then the idea is to rent a zip car for as little as 7 dollars, they claim this is so great.

To that end is the Zipcar! It takes the white bike idea and updates it into an automobile. Zipcars are autos that are generally fuel efficient, such as hybrids, and once on the plan, you can use a Zipcar by the hour or by the day, paying as little as 7 dollars an hour. This seems another step in the road to serfdom. you don't get to own anything.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Global Dimming- Is this for real?

Global Warming came softly through my, window today,
It wasn't so warm, when global dimming came my way,
If you believe man is evil, then some way, you will find;
Taking time is groovy, so just, go blow your mind;
Global Warming, Global dimming, what a crazy bind;
I tell you right now;
I take up your hand and slowly blow your little mind;
When you swear to trust me with my crazy science find;
Superman and Green Lantern, hey;

(spoof Music; Sunshine Superman, Donovan)

I just caught a few newscasts of the so-called "Global Dimming" crisis. Is this for real, or just a figment of my overwrought imagination? It seems that Global Dimming involves jet exhausts, the contrail effect, industrial fumes, particle type pollutions and other ways that more clouds are created and there is in effect, Global Cooling. However, we are cautioned that this is not good, it is bad. Through a long-winded, totally romantic explanation, this is blamed as the reason that a million people starved to death in Sahel region of West Africa in the 1970s. It seems that it is also bad, because global dimming is MASKING global warming. So the reason that there has NOT been any global warming since 1998, is because it is counteracted by global dimming, which we must add, ha ha, is totally evil and horrible as well. Do I have the line straight?