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Friday, July 27, 2007

Mexico Knows that Greenies Kill

July 26, 2007 (LPAC)--The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) of Mexico this afternoon held a demonstration to denounce the upcoming July 31 visit to Mexico of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, because his anti-scientific global warming policies "threaten genocide against Mexico and the Third World population in general." The LYM raised this issue at a gathering in Mexico City that was addressed by the Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, one of the sponsors of Gore’s visit to the country.

In the heat of the moment over what Gore’s policies mean for Mexico, one youth reportedly attempted to use the microphone on the podium to address the crowd on the issue of Gore’s genocide, and was taken away by authorities and held by the police for a number of hours, before being released without charges.

Patriots in Mexico recognize that Gore’s anti-industrial quackery translates into genocide for Mexico, and for all of Central and South America, and they are naturally angry and upset over his visit. In fact, every time Gore appears in a country, his visit is a provocation for those who rightly consider themselves targets of his genocide. Gore is a racist, and a fascist SOB, who understandably angers his intended victims.

As Lyndon LaRouche stated in his international webcast on July 25 in Washington, D.C., which was listened to around the world in simultaneous translation in Spanish, German, French and Italian, as well as the original English: "[It is a mistake to think] that Al Gore is human; that’s a big mistake. Remember the coal mine--'16 Tons' and the company store. Al Gore owned that place, that got that song written about it. That’s Al Gore. The guy’s no good, and he comes from a background of a daddy who was no good either. Something that cross-bred with a possum up in the swamps of Tennessee. You know how they are."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pasta Piss-Off, Prices Up due to Bio-Fools

The biofuels fad was fed by the global warming hysteria. Now this is resulting in higher wheat and pasta prices, since land is being taken over by corn to produce ethanol for gas-ethanol fuel. The Association of Italian Pasta Producers (Unipi) has announced that, as a result of biofuel production, a pack of spaghetti is going to cost 20% more in September. De Cecco, the number one quality producer, has already increased its prices 10%; Barilla, the largest producer with over 1 million tonnes, is going to do the same. Producers are adjusting prices to durum wheat, whose price has risen 50% in six weeks on the international markets as a consequence of farmers shifting from wheat to corn because of higher profitability of biofuel products. Large durum exporters, like Syria, have blocked exports; others, like Canada, have frozen sales until November. Australia has reduced its supplies.

As hedge funds speculate on maize, driving up prices, all consumer sectors will be effected. Gian Domenico Auricchio, chairman of the Association of Italian Food Producers, reports of increases of production costs of 20% for eggs, 50% for butter, 20%-40% for meat. The Italian daily La Repubblica in covering this, mentions a study by two US scholars, Ford Runge and Benjamin Senauer, who calculated that biofuel production will cause the doubling of starvation figures in the world: by 2025 there will be 1.2 billion people starving. For more on the real estate side of this try my other blog here.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Masque of the Red Death- Al Gore Style

Al Gore's dionysian frenzy at the Live Earth concert, particularly at places like New Jersey's Meadowlands Stadium, can be compared to E.A. Poe's story, the Masque of the Red Death. All that's left to wait for is everyone to drop dead. Gore and his hedge fund friends know they are killing Africa and other poor countries. As they fantasize about the dead bodies, and the rich aroma, they see their carbon count hedge funds going up. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy is doing everything possible to prop up these clowns and their friends. And if you think Global Warming, Man-made is gospel truth, do a google video search for Ch4 Wag UK's The Great Global Warming Swindle, to at least see some real scientist talk about that...

July 19th LPAC The British Members of Parliament and the House of Lords named former Vice-President Al Gore as their international statesman of the year at the annual House Magazine awards in Westminster on July 18. The award was given to him for his alarmist film "An Inconvenient Truth" and also for his promoting of the failed concert "Live Earth."

In keeping with his award-winning global warming alarmism, Al Gore told an audience at the Aspen Institute Greentech Innovation Network Summit that the human race has only 10 years to solve the problems of global warming. In other words, they are waiting for Fat Al to come back down to human weight, being that he is full of hot air.

To make his point Al Gore compared the Earth to Venus saying that both planets have about the same amount of carbon. Gore noted that in Venus's case the carbon is in the atmosphere and has caused Venus to have a daytime temperature of 867 degrees Fahrenheit.

Al Gore again has shown his disregard for science with this statement. He should know that Venus has an atmospheric pressure that is 90 times greater than that of the Earth. Since as any 9th grader knows temperature increases as pressure increases, given everyday physics, Venus would be about 100 times hotter than the Earth. Sorry Fat Al, real science again refutes your fraudulent Malthusian scheme.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Green Bubble Not Arriving in Time to Save the System

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The greenie carbon counting bubble may not arrive in time to save the bankrupt system.
July 18, 2007 New York Post--In a still-breaking development, Bear Stearns bank notified investors late on July 17 that the assets in its two leveraged hedge funds, nominally worth about $9 billion a month ago, are effectively worthless, shocking the dollar into a renewed fall and threatening the wipeout of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of mortgage-based securities (MBS) and derivatives like those held by these two hedge funds. The dollar fell to historic lows of $2.05 against the British pound, $1.39 to the euro, and a still-more rapid chaotic fall might be triggered after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's Congressional testimony today and tomorrow. "Its almost as if there's some risk aversion developing against the dollar," a Bank of America executive warned to Reuters news service.

The Bear Stearns announcement means that what was considered very bad news for international credit markets three weeks ago--that MBS and related derivatives which the Bear Stearns funds creditors were trying to sell, were worth only 30-50 cents on the dollar--would have to be considered the "good old days" as of now. Bear Stearns said that "during June, the funds experienced significant declines in the value of their assets, resulting in losses of net asset value"; that there is "effectively no value left" in the so-called Enhanced Fund, and "very little value left" in the so-called High Grade fund which it tried to bail out with $1.5 billion of its own capital in late June.

Bear Stearns called this a difficult development for investors, in a whopper of an understatement which could quickly start applying not just to its investors, but to investors in the entire several trillion-dollar mortgage-based CDO market, and then the $6 trillion market in MBS based on U.S. residential mortgages. The loss of value implicitly applies to any of the securities in those markets which hedge funds, banks, or other holders try to sell--or even without trying such sales. The threatened losses on credit markets are in the hundreds of billions.

The New York Post on July 18 cited three hedge fund managers reporting that in the last week, large investment banks like Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns have ended the "leverage party" for MBS investments, whereby hedge funds borrowed up to 15:1 of the capital they used to buy MBS. Leverage is down to 5:1, at maximum. A partner of an $850 million mortgage arbitrage fund said he received a "margin call" or "repo" demand for almost $50 million of additional collateral within 48 hours from Lehman and Bear Stearns early last week. The result: forced sales of other assets, and more losses.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Before We are Burned at the Stake as Heretics...

The good news is that open heretics to the Church of Globull Warming are still not being burnt at the stake. At least not in every case. More and more evidence show GW theory is total crap, it's just a rewarming of Malthusian theory. That is: More humans are bad, they pollute, they consume too much food, and give off too much "waste". CO2, which plants love, has been recast as the new "nuclear toxic waste", in this zombie soap opera. It is all in the computer model, not reality. It is a new video game called GW and Malthus.

It is a bad infinity where are the cows are black. You can hear some sophomoric conversation in some school, say in Sydney, Australia:

Teacher: Global warming is considered to be the truth by scientific consensus.

Doubter: But, what if it's just part of a cycle, what if Man is not involved.

Teacher: Well, if man is not involved now, he will be involved soon. What happened when population keeps doubling every 20-years??? In 2030, 12 billion, in 2050 25 billion, in 2070 50 billion. We can use this CO2 crisis as a sort of alarm.......

Wrong "teach". Human civilization's development is non-linear, we are not Apes. You are just a rewarmed Malthusian and brainwashed member of the British (New) Empire. Your sophistry will be struck down, along with your bankrupt financial system. You want to circulate "carbon credits" as a new form of currency, to keep your bubble going indefinitely, while production breaks down, and everything collapses.

Here is the latest from another great Danish scientist (Not rotten in the state of Denmark) who is defying the priesthood: Svensmark Injects Science into the Global Warming Hype-

"Sun's Shifts May Cause Global Warming" is the title of a July 2007 interview in Discover magazine with Henrik Svensmark, the director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen. Svensmark discusses his research, and the hostile reaction from the scientific establishment to the fact that he dared in 1996 to say that changes in the Sun's activity could explain most or all of the recent rise in Earth's temperature.

"The basic idea," Svensmark says, "is that solar activity can turn the cloudiness up and down, which has an effect on the warming or cooling of Earth's surface temperature." The main mechanism for this, he explains, are cosmic rays, which have to penetrate the Sun's magnetic field. When the Sun and the solar wind are very active, not as many cosmic rays reach the Earth. When there are fewer cosmic rays, there are fewer clouds, and so the Earth is warmer.

Svensmark notes that his is a work in progress, and that in time, further experimentation in the CLOUD project of the European Organization for Nuclear Research will provide more results about the effects of cosmic rays.

Asked directly about the role of CO2 and warming, Svensmark says: All we know about the effect of CO2 is really based on climate models ... that cannot actually model clouds at all, so they are really poor.... [T]he models are off by many hundreds percent."

The interviewer, Marion Long, notes that "there is probably no greater scientific heresy today than questioning the warming role of CO2."

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True that may be a ridiculously long name, but what of it. It is so hard to get good links to my blogs.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Global Warming War

There has started a near war above to be or not to be, Global Warming. The WAG show has precipated a lot of the more public stuff on this. For the other side, see myapolegetics.com, where I have been having a running debate on this.

The Channel 4 Wag crew from UK created a good presentation of the flaws of GW theory and their consequences. I don't address flaws in the show, since I don't think the producers look at it as a totally footnoted scientific document. Rather, it choose to, even within a British Commonwealth-Empire audience, show what type of insanity has gripped the world, the UN and the (in the case of carbon credits, carbon count,etc) the financial market. To endlessly critique a TV show will not get us anywhere.

To go any further, philosophical and historical topics must be looked at. I have tried to go further, but obviously after trillions of dollars of propaganda, what do you expect? People go along to get along.

As to the conspiracy, most of the people who ran it, like Bertrand Russell, Margaret Mead, etc. are dead or retired. It has now become "the way to get ahead, the way to get scholarships and grants". And the fondis, the foundations pay huge amounts for this. However they are not really green, since they don't want to green the desert. They would back infrastructure projects if they were serious. And nuclear desalination. So the "greens" have turned to "brown".

Friday, July 13, 2007

Russian Minister Says Easy on Global Warming

July 12, 2007--Interfax reports in a July 2, 2007 story, that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yakovenko told a session of the U.N. agency ECOSOS in Geneva:

"A new global agreement on joint action may be drafted under the United Nations' aegis before the end of 2009 with the participation of not only developed countries but also key emitters of greenhouse gases in developing states."

"...We believe that there is no reason to submit to panic and to apocalyptic scenarios of the effects of climate change. We see such changes in a long-term context that rules out emergency measures and tight restrictions on emissions of greenhouse gases that would run against the interests of economic growth and development," Yakovenko said.

"The shaping of responsible long-term approaches to climate change should not amount to hasty selective actions that may ultimately inflict much greater damage on the economy and environment than the national cataclysms that are forecast."

So starving billions really is more damaging than your Greenland martini fantasy? (That's when, in fantasy, the huge southern Greenland ice field slides off, like an ice cube thrown into a Martini, into the Northern Atlantic).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back Stage at the Live Earth Concert in New Jersey

It was really great backstage, at the Live Earth Concert in New Jersey at the Meadowlands. Such dedication to the Cause! Governor Corzine said New Jersey will give up 80-percent of its fossil fuels by 2050. But, some people were much more dedicated. A bunch of greenie Global Warming fighters said they had to go all the way.

Five of them went to a blocked off restroom in the stadium, which was hooked up to back stage. We heard them read a manifesto, "We are tired of emitting CO2. We, the advanced sector yuppies, have been ruining the world with our breathing, our consumerism, our thoughts; now it is time to pay the carbon count.

Then they began to chant. "Into the toilet, into the toilet!" They thrusts their heads into the toilets, flushed and held them down, down down!!!! But, no one ran to the restroom to try to rescue them. We, backstage realized that while it was too much for the general public to know of this radical sacrifice, sometime, someday they will understand. Al Gore has the videotape... Trusted followers put the bodies in body bags and quickly amid the mayhem, carried them into a waiting van. They were dumped in the Meadowlands, also known as the swamps of Jersey, where they can rest with other not so voluntary victims of "cement overshoes". RIP.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Siberia could be the new Hot Spot

Siberia could be a hot spot for real estate, and it may not need "global warming" to warm it up. Even a lot quicker than the guesses were about southern Greenland.

If the deal that President Putin offers is taken, it could mean a lot more than "peace in our time". It could mean the development of Alaska and Siberia around rail projects linking the hinterlands of Russia and Alaska, through the Bering Straits tunnel. Then we could have a real estate bubble in a good sense, in creating towns and mines and development prospects out of nowhere, with infrastructure development.
Of course, that may not save your real estate investments in Coastal Florida, or the Carbon futures market around the so-called man-made greenhouse effect.

The invitation to President Putin for the meeting in Kennebunkport was offered
already on April 25, when former U.S. Presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton participated in Moscow at the funeral of Boris Yeltsin, and in this context conducted intense discussions with Putin.

Exactly in this timeframe there also occurred the dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche and leading Russian scientists on the realization of the Bering Strait Tunnel as a conscious war avoidance strategy. The conference on this great project, that forsees, a nearly 100 km long tunnel under the sea, as well as 6000 km long rail connection between Siberia and Alaska, occurred on April 24, and at the same time, Putin led intensive discussions on it in his cabinet. Several days later, on April
27, Putin called for the creation of a new "strategic working
group" with the title: "USA-Russia, a Look into the Future,"
whose members included, among others, Henry Kissinger and
ex-Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Greenland Martini on Ice

A Greenland Martini on ice, wouldn't it be nice. Lila of EnviroWarrior take note. That is when the whole Southern Greenland ice mountain sloshes off into the sea and causes sea levels to go up 20 feet. What a nightmarish, fantastic vision. Except, it's not happening. Bopping Greenies, before you go off to your Green Genocide Baby! concert, read this.

One other correction. The Global Warming thesis is not the brainchild of Al Gore, anymore than the Internet was. He is just the poster boy and a leading hedge fund, carbon money crunching operative. Global Warming is the re-implementation by the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy of the genocidal Nazi race science of Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, et al, and their friends like New York's Averell Harriman of the Museum of (Un) Natural History, which had the 1934 Conference on Racial Eugenics. It is a series of excuses and ever-changing directives to starve to death and otherwise eliminate 5 billion people, while impoverishing 90-percent of the populations of the advanced sector, Europe, N. America, Australia, etc.

Actually, this post has gone so long, that I will post the evidence of "No Greenland Martini" on the next post.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Green is Mrs. Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told
industry that there is no return to the kind of energy policy
that existed before the global warming debate. With that, the
"national energy summit" of the German government and industry in
Berlin, ended in the foreseeable disaster: Merkel's line was
that "climate protection is and will remain an integral part of
our national energy policy," that there could "not be business as
usual" and definitely "no return to the era before" implying no
return to nuclear power.
Merkel wants to stick to the radical European Union target
-- courtesy of the green oligarchs behind Al Gore and their
network of locust funds -- of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by
2020, as compared to 1990, which means that Germany would have to
reduce by another 30% by 2020. The main emphasis in German energy
policy, she insisted, would be on energy-saving measures, through
"energy efficiency." The agreement which the German government
and the industry signed in 2000, for an exit from nuclear
technology by 2021, will stay in place, Merkel said, and
alternate energies research, notably the "clean coal" (carbon
separation and storage CSS) should get funding in the range of
several hundred million euros annually.
The three-hour summit did not agree on any details,
otherwise, these will be presented in August, as a mid-term
energy policy platform of the government and that will, as
Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said at the summit, a
conglomerate of "many small steps in many areas."
Merkel's statements at the summit were in line with the
draft for a new party policy platform of her own Christian
Democrats, published on June 2, on the eve of the energy summit.
Since all other political parties are already on a green agenda,
this leaves the LaRouche party BueSo the only one to campaign for
nuclear technology, in Germany.
Industry (in particular steel, chemical, coal mining, power)
criticized the summit, as "too unrealistic" about the emissions
reduction targets. Juergen Thumann, chairman of the industry
association BDI, said the Merkel course was "like driving a car
at high speed without safety belts available." Harry Roels, CEO
of the power producer RWE, said the bill would largely be payed
by private consumers who would have to pay higher prices for
energy and for products.
As far as is known, however, none of the industry people
attending the summit made any proposal for a return to nuclear
power, containing themselves instead, in calling for the
extension of licenses for the existing 17 nuclear power plants in
Germany by another 10 or 20 years.