Friday, September 19, 2014

Climate Change Range Global Warming Swarming

The global warming is swarming with people trying to make easy money off of it.  But some people, like 50% of the people of the world in the BRICS countries and allies, want to actually have a future.
So impeach Obama, please.

We must do something to create the solution: throw Obama out of office. If we don't throw Obama out of office, we will have World War III.
China has become a great power. India has become a great power. The BRICS and South American nations, all of them and others, know that you have to create a new sense of great power. Not the power of some big giant that's going to dominate things, but the power of cooperation: common purposes, common objectives. Production. Food production. Design of education. These kinds of activities. That you can do. And therefore, we have to fight for that kind of agreement. We have to fight for the kind of agreement we need to do the job.
We do not need a perpetual war system. What we need is a progressive development of the productive powers of labor to increase the mental and related powers of the human mind and their practice, and end this crazy evil that's going on in the Middle East, the genocide that's going on in the Middle East.
Fire Obama—if he were thrown out of the White House, we would have world peace within a short time. Obama is the greatest threat to peace right now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Learn Real economic Classes

Learn real economics through the larouchepac people.  Classes are forming today.  Get on the call on Thursday night at 9 pm, at 424-203-8000 access code 142565#.  Greenies and global warming freaks need to learn this stuff more than anyone.

Ever heard of energy flux density?  That is the energy produced per square foot throughput.  That is why wind and solar energy are bad and nuclear and soon-to-be fusion energy are great.  So much for green energy...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NYC backs Green Climate Genocide March

Hey you thought that Adolf Htss could not happen here?  Well it has with the UN Genocide march.  Freeze to death, no more carbon burning and heat for you, sucker.  Climate march my foot, we need China's march to the moon and Helium-3 power for fusion.  Then we could have a future for our children.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Environment of Middle East war and Obama

Obama let loose the Middle East war with his hate of Syria's Assad, and his love of the Saudi Arabian feudalist regime.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama's Green War on IS

the IS war is another Green war for ISIS and against it at the same time, like using the British agents.  The Global Warming of exploding bombs will be considerable.

Obama has put the US on the road to war insanity in Iraq and Syria.  Obama is saying he will continue to train the "Free Syria" forces to fight both Assad regime of Syria and the new Islamic State. So the US Army will have to fight too, to kill everybody.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Obama the Vampire

Obama the vampire went to the Baltics to the genocidal nation of Estonia.  They threw the Russians out so they could have bigger forests with no people and only animals.  Come to suck your blood?  Time to impeach Obama, and his global warming, world war trip.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Baked Alaska Kiev style

A new greenie dish, guaranteed to ease global warming, is Baked Alaska Kiev-style.  This delicious but Nazi dish involves the decrepit Kiev Ukraine government's attempt to defy Russia.  Now they are caught as losers in the war, and heading into a frozen winter with no gas, no heat.  Time to give up on the British queen and make a deal with Put Put Putin....