Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Environment for India, Russia, China, Brics

The environment for India, Russia, China is changing.  They know that nuclear energy is much better for pollution control than alternative stuff (too much waste of land space) and coal, and natural gas (too much fuel gathering and shipping).  Time to ban fracking and go with LaRouche and the Brics for fission and nuclear fusion power. Global warming can only mean go for nuclear power now.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bad Environment on Wall ST.

A bad environment on Wall St can blow up very soon.  The global warming feeling from Gaza to Ukraine is getting nuclear, as in nuclear war.  Call it the "Tonkin Gulf Syndrome." First you fabricate a lie about an incident or its authorship to justify military action; then you quickly escalate hostilities; and war is irreversibly underway before anyone has time to think twice about it.

It's what the British Empire did to suck the U.S. into the Vietnam quagmire. It's what Tony Blair pulled off with his "dodgy dossier" about Saddam Hussein's non-existent WMD in Iraq, with George Bush in tow. It's what the British and Obama tried to do again last year with the Syrian government's supposed chemical weapons attack—which was derailed at the eleventh hour by strong opposition from outside and inside the U.S., much of it organized by LaRouche PAC. And it is what the desperate, bankrupt British Empire is once again trying to pull off around the MH17 incident in Ukraine, with a headlong rush towards thermonuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia.
In the last 24 hours, significant obstacles have been thrown up to that British gambit—from U.S. military and intelligence circles opposed to Obama's provocations; from Russian President Putin; and from a deeply-divided Europe, which is dragging its feet on adopting increased sanctions against Russia.
But stalling war, as desirable as it is, does not eliminate the driving force behind the rush to thermonuclear confrontation.
"As long as you go along with Wall Street's fraud, with their demands for payment on dead debt regardless of the cost in human lives, you are walking into a trap,"Lyndon LaRouche commented today."If you denounce their $2 quadrillion in phoney assets as a fraud, then you can bankrupt the British Empire and their Wall Street sidekicks, and also sink their drive for war. It's the only way to break the trap."
"Take the case of Argentina,"LaRouche continued."What the vulture funds are trying to impose on that country, with the backing of Federal Judge Griesa and the Supreme Court of the United States, is a fraud and a crime. The paper that they are trying to enforce is fraudulent and worthless. Argentina can't pay and won't pay—they have no legitimate obligation to do so. All of South America agrees. This is paper that is never going to be paid. There is no possibility that the speculators will be able to recoup. Wall Street and the City of London are just going to have to take the hit."
"So we are sending Wall Street a simple message: It's your crap; you eat it,"LaRouche stated.
"Take the related case of Detroit, where that city is also being destroyed by bankers and vulture funds—including some of the very same ones preying on Argentina—trying to collect on worthless assets. That's also a fraud, and should be cancelled. These guys said they had it coming to them; well, they don't have anything coming to them. What they are claiming is a joke; it's finished; it's all over; they are never going to get it. Their claims are worthless,"LaRouche said.
LaRouche also pointed to other worthless paper accounts which are destroying the world economy, such as those of commodity speculators."Look at the grain markets. Look at energy. These guys are also claiming values that don't exist, and they are killing people as a result. In fact,"LaRouche added,"we need a general proposal for an agreement among nations, as to what isand what is not real value in the economy. We have to force that issue, if we are going to solve the crisis. Fortunately, the BRICS nations have taken a strong step in that direction at their mid-July summit in Brazil."
With yesterday's decision by Judge Griesa to not grant a stay in the execution of the vulture funds' predatory collection demands on Argentina, that country now faces a July 31 deadline to either pay up, for face default. "That means the fuse is lit," LaRouche said,"both on the Argentina debt bomb, which could detonate the entire international system, and also on the escalating war danger. The time to act is now."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

russia china breakthrough

e Importance of BRICS Bank Is Slowly Sinking In

After a spate of articles trashing the BRICS proposed New Development Bank that appeared in the western press, some pundits have now begun to acknowledge the importance of setting up the bank and trying to figure out why the BRICS chose to do it.

Putin Plans BRICS "Energy Association," Including Nuclear Fuel Bank

During the BRICS Summit last week in Brazil, Russian President Putin announced that there are plans to establish a BRICS "energy association," which will include a nuclear fuel reserve bank, and an energy policy institute.

Russia, China and India Push for Next-Generation Reactors

Russia plans to start construction of three BN-1200 sodium-cooled fast neutron reactors before 2030, the director general of Rosenergoatom, Evgeny Romanov, said on July 21.

China and Brazil Extend Their Successful Remote Sensing Space Project

China and Brazil will move ahead with their China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS) program, adding a new satellite, and considering more in the future, the director of China National Space Administration, Xu Dazhe, said yesterday.

Former Ambassador Chas Freeman: BRICS Summit Means End to Sanctions Blackmail on Iran

Appearing at a July 21 Capitol Hill forum sponsored by the Middle East Policy Council, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Assistant Secretary of Defense Chas Freeman, not only tore into the Bush-Cheney and Obama administrations' destruction of US foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East. He issued a stark warning that the world is turning away from American unilateral leadership and is embarking on a new direction, epitomized by the recent BRICS summit in Brazil. Freeman brought the BRICS summit right back into the discussion of "Obama's Foreign Policy and the Future of the Middle East" by noting that Iran has undoubtedly taken careful note of the full implications of the BRICS developments. If the BRICS countries succeed in creating new trade arrangements in local currencies and actually bypass the SWIFT system of New York clearinghouse banks, it will no longer be possible to impose global US and European Union sanctions with any teeth. "They've cooked their own goose," he noted with considerable glee.
The full text of Freeman's speech is on his website, and the entire conference video and transcript will be posted shortly on The other speakers, Ken Pollack, Paul Pillar, and Amin Tarzi, all panned the successive failures of Bush-Cheney and Obama, and all singled out the 2003 US-UK invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as the greatest US policy blunder in decades.

Denmark's Jyllands-Posten Has Thoughtful BRICS Editorial

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark's largest newspaper, had an editorial, "The BRICS Want To Do It Themselves," in the July 21 issue, which is thought-provoking and useful. The following translation was provided, of which we provide excerpts:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Both Sides Now- War

Obama is backing both sides in the Middle East war that could move toward a nuclear war.  This is the British Empire policy of mass murder, whether by conventional war or nuclear war means.  Don't worry about global warming, unless the nuclear missiles fly!!!  Otherwise, Israel Palestine today, the world tomorrow...

Lyndon LaRouche said today that Barack Obama deserves immediate impeachment for a policy which is "spreading indefinite war across the planet, including the Mideast, which leads to thermonuclear war." Obama is provably supporting the extremist factions on both sides of the slaughter taking place in Gaza, preventing cease-fire; LaRouche charged that "the evidence that Obama is backing both sides in a war process that can lead to thermonuclear extinction, means he should be impeached, now!"
In his July 21 Rose Garden statement Obama emphasized again that he is backing "Israel's right to defend itself" against Hamas. In another statement July 18, Obama qualified that support only by saying he was urging the Israeli government to "be more precise" in its bombing of densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods in Gaza.
Obama simultaneously demanded Congress vote $500 million in military aide to "Syrian rebels." As a number experts now attest, there are few Syrian rebels left who are not ISIS, "Islamic state" fighters, including many thousands of foreign terrorists, backed overall by Saudi and Qatari and Kuwaiti funds. Obama has backed the British-Saudi policy of fostering Sunni Islamism in Syria, in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood government, against Russia and Iran, and now with its "backfire" in Iraq.

What to do??? Impeach Obama, throw up President Obama now, before it is too late.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

UK Brain Pollution on Russia

UK is spreading brain pollution in their democracy-war fraud.  Look at this situation with the plane crash in Eastern Ukraine.  There is little or no proof of what happened, it could even have been a bomb that destroyed the plane, not a missile.

The BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South-Africa) are against the sanctions regime against Russia, against the lies, and the hype.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Argentina Global Warming Environment

The Argentina global warming environment is to fight the oligarchy. They need fusion power, fusion torch, fission-fusion hybrid, fast neutrons, and nuclear power, and Russia and China can help them.

At the July 16 meeting in Brasilia of heads of state of the BRICS nations and those of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was the second speaker of the session, following host Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, and gave a feisty presentation on her government’s battle with the vulture funds, as well as making a passionate call for a more just global financial system, capable of meeting the urgent needs of the world’s population.
“We are posing, then, that a new global financial order is not just fair and equitable, but absolutely necessary,” she said.
Such a system, she said, “is indispensable.” All countries “are called upon to join forces in this real crusade for a new global political, economic and financial organization that has positive political, social and cultural consequences for our nations...”
In statements to the media, Fernandez reported also that all the BRICS and Unasur heads-of-state offered their strong support for Argentina, for which she expressed her gratitude.
In her speech, Fernandez ripped into the vultures’ scheme to overturn Argentina’s 2005 and 2010 restructuring, exposing them as predatory speculators who never invested in Argentina, but only bought up defaulted debt to make a killing later. Here, she said, the BRICS are discussing real issues and real needs of development and job creation, and then we’re faced with the obscene example of these scavengers who exist only to loot nations. Argentina has paid its debt, she said, and will continue to pay. There will be no default. The vultures and allied U.S. courts have effectively confiscated our payment to the bondholders. But, we’ve met our obligations, she said; the matter is out of our hands.
She also exposed the vultures’ resource grab, reflected in the full-page ad put out July 16 by the vulture-run American Task Force Argentina (ATFA), which warned that unless the government paid the vultures, it would drive away investors in the giant Vaca Muerta shale oil/gas reserve. But it also complained that Argentina intended to “mortgage” Vaca Muerta to Russia and China.
In her Brasilia speech, and also in a full-page ad issued by the Presidency Thursday, Fernandez charged that the vultures’ only goal is to plunge Argentina again into over-indebtedness and “take over its strategic resources.” If Argentina pays the vultures, new claims will amount to $120 billion or more, forcing the country to borrow “under the permanent threat of default.” ATFA’s charge that Argentina planned to mortgage Vaca Muerta to China and Russia was “offensive,” she said -- which didn't prevent the group from charging today, in a statement entitled “President Kirchner: Nobody will Invest in Vaca Muerta After a Default,” that Fernandez only went to Brasilia “to offer Argentina’s natural resources to Russia and China in exchange for a new line of credit.”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nuclear War bad for the Environment

I hope that we don't have a nuclear war over this Ukraine and Gaza and Iraq ISIS business... LaRouche is right, the environment the global warming of it all is toward war.  Time to put the British Empire and their bankrupt financial system out of business.