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Friday, February 27, 2015

Global Cooling from the Arctic

May not be orthodox to say there is global cooling from the Arctic, but a weather scientist notices that there is a big bloc of ice cap over the Arctic, and that seems to be from whence the cold winds blow to such places as NY City...  Hope that doesn't ruin your global warming, environmental daydream.

However, global cooling could be here as a real trend... beware.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Green Cold Warming

Green cold warming technology exists... To have a nuclear winter to counter the alleged global warming...  It's called having a nuclear war.... duh.... http://www.harlemlook.net/2015/02/ukraine-war-or-peace.html

Monday, February 23, 2015

Will HSBC Probes Sink Loretta Lynch? | LaRouchePAC

Will HSBC Probes Sink Loretta Lynch? | LaRouchePAC

Getting hot in a financial system that is made for the British Empire.  Time to kick out the candidate for US Attorney General, Ms. Loretta Lynch. This could be getting too hot to handle for Pres. Obama.  A global warming of sort in the dead financial system it seems to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ukraine Ceasefire and General War Nuclear style

Nuclear war could still obliterate mankind.  So be careful my greenie friends.  You played with the local garbage, but you have to start playing with and supporting the BRICS Brazil Russia India China South Africa economic bloc of nations.  Green development and the environment mean fusion power or bust.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Yahoo is Such a Pig

Yahoo, or Netanyahoo, is such a pig.  He wants to blow up Iran, never mind the nuclear fall out.  And so insulting even to Obama....http://news.yahoo.com/biden-not-attend-netanyahu-speech-us-congress-official-192430951.html

 US Vice President Joe Biden will not attend a controversial speech Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to make to Congress next month, in a new White House snub of the Israeli prime minister.
"The Vice President's office expects that the Vice President will be traveling abroad during the joint session of Congress," an official said.
As president of the Senate, Biden would be expected to attend any joint meeting.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wall St Wants to Nuke it Up

Wall st and the City of London want to nuke it up, and destroy the Russia, China competition... Likewise, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken a "take no prisoners” hard line on the Greek demands for a European debt conference on the model of the 1953 London conference, rejecting any such conference and rejecting any idea of a "haircut" for Greece. The European Central Bank has boycotted Greek sovereign debt, creating a similar showdown around today's meeting of euro finance ministers and the Feb. 12 meeting of the 28 European heads of state. Merkel has openly announced that she has been lining up France's Hollande and Italy's Renzi to back up Germany's confrontational stance.
We have reached a moment where the British system and the BRICS system cannot co-exist

None of these desperate measures will work, but the prospect for chaos and war as the consequence of these insane maneuvers can only be defeated by attacking the root cause with radical solutions. The root of the crisis is the British Empire system of oligarchical finance that has reached a point of irreversible bankruptcy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Global Warming and Nuclear War

Global warming could really get going with a hot nuclear war... that Wall St and the City of London see as the only ultimate bailout.... That could kick up a little dust.  This is where we are going with Obama's interest in pumping weapons into the Ukrainian military and fighting Russia.  The hatred of Russia and China is coming to a head... the Brics economic alliance- Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa-- is the target.

The geezer warns:

"That war can happen early, now — in the short term, this week, next week, in those terms.... Obama is the author of global thermonuclear war!"
The pace of escalation towards war is indeed stunning. Jen Psaki, at the Feb. 2 State Department press briefing, was asked if U.S. providing lethal aid to Ukraine (as is now being actively promoted in Washington) might not lead to a proxy war against Russia. She responded glibly: "I don't think anybody wants to get into a proxy war with Russia." Obama's objective is only "to change the behavior of Russia," she said.
Also Monday, the Atlantic Council, Brookings, and Chicago Council on Global Affairs issued their much-promoted report which calls for the U.S. to up the ante against Russia by sending lethal aid to the neo-nazi government in Ukraine. It does so from the same delusional standpoint of "behavior modification" stated by Psaki:
"The U.S. and NATO should seek to create a situation in which the Kremlin considers the option of further military action in or against Ukraine too costly to pursue... raising risks and costs to Russia of any renewed major offensive... That requires providing direct military assistance."
And DIA director Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart Tuesday told the House Armed Services Committee that Ukraine needs additional help, because Russia and China are "the greatest threats to our nation... existential threats." The Obama administration is now deploying to adopt that dramatic policy shift in short order, including a Feb. 5 trip to Kiev by Secretary of State John Kerry and a Feb. 9 visit to Washington by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who so far continues to state her opposition to arming Kiev.